SHEN is the national membership body for organisations and individuals working to improve opportunities for people facing homelessness through engagement with education, training and employment.
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After successful login you will see a list of topics organised into categories.

Each topic can be in one of four stages and depending on the stage you can perform certain actions as follows:

  1. Topic started: In this stage topic has just been created and will be open for posting shortly.

  2. Open for posting: In this stage you can post messages to the topic and exchange the ideas with other users posting to this forum. To post a message click on the topic name or on ‘View/Add’ link in the Posts column for this topic.

  3. Closed for posting: You are not allowed to post messages for this topic anymore. The draft version of wiki document is being prepared by topic administrator.

  4. Wiki document published: In this stage you can view the final version of wiki document by clicking on the topic name. Also final version will be presented at SHEN website on the following webpage:

You can check the status of each topic at any time. It’s displayed just below each topic name and read about the stage of the topic in the ‘Last Update’ column.

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