SHEN is the national membership body for organisations and individuals working to improve opportunities for people facing homelessness through engagement with education, training and employment.
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SHEN Research

SHEN carries out research into issues homelessness and employability, drawing on the experience of members and service users through case studies, focus groups and consultations. We also analyze the effects of employment, benefits and welfare reform policy on employability and sustainable employment for those facing homelessness.
Further information on research in this field can be found in the Links section.
Current research reports and briefings available are:

Promoting Employers' Social Services in Social Dialogue - National report Scotland - Download here

SHEN employability glossary for Scotland - Download here

A basic guide to financial inclusion for people affected by homelessness - Download here

21st Century Welfare Consultation Response: SHEN welcomes the opportunity to comment on the DWP consultation paper ? 21st Century Welfare, particularly as those experiencing homelessness are often furthest from the labour market and therefore significantly affected by the ethos, principles and configuration of the welfare system as it stands now and in any new incarnation.

Download the response - 21st Century Welfare Consultation Response

Supporting People In Work (March 2010): The following is the response of members of the Scottish Homelessness & Employability Network to the public consultation document “Supporting People into Work: the next stage of Housing Benefit reform”.

Download the response - Supporting People In Work

Employability Glossary for Scotland (May 2009): Employability is part of the Scottish Government?s strategy for the prevention and alleviation of homelessness.

Employability is part of the Scottish Government?s strategy for the prevention and alleviation of homelessness. At the same time, the welfare reform and anti-poverty policies which have emerged from the UK and Scottish Governments also focus on employability. Shen works to make employability as a sustainable route out of homelessness.Many Shen members provide excellent specialist services which effectively move people at risk of homelessness towards the labour market. However, our work also engages us with welfare reform and benefits issues, as these are part of the journey towards the labour market.

Download the glossary - SHEN Employability Glossary for Scotland

No one written off (October 2008): summary of SHEN members responses to the DWP consultation on welfare reform

Download Briefing - No one written off

Taking forward the Government Economic Strategy (June 2008): response the Scottish Government discussion paper

Download Consultation paper - Taking forward the Government Economic Strategy: tackling poverty

FINDING THE WAY: employability and the prevention and alleviation of homelessness (January 2008) Geraldine Wooley

This report is part of SHEN’s task of identifying and promoting “what works” in providing people at risk of homelessness with skills for sustainable employment. It reviews the way in which employability services are being developed for and delivered to people facing homelessness in Scotland. These developments are discussed in the context of emerging policy in Scotland and across the UK.

The report reflects policy and practice developed in 2006/7, including the delivery of employability initiatives in local authority homelessness strategies. Links are made to Scottish Government policy, such as the Government Economic Strategy discussion, Skills for Scotland, and Workforce Plus. UK policy on welfare reform and the skills agenda also frame the discussion.

Download 'Finding the Way' Report Document

Download 'Finding the Way' Executive Summary

WORKING IT OUT: towards an employability strategy for those facing homelessness (2005) Geraldine Wooley and Carol McNaughton

This report reviews the way employability as a route out of homelessness has been considered in Scotland between 2001 and 2004. It looks at the evidence in Scotland for employability as a successful strategy to combat the risk of homelessness, and considers whether this process leads to sustainable employment.
The research is framed by the policy context of homelessness and employability in Scotland since the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. It draws on a range of published reports and three case studies which demonstrate the ways in which employability can provide a route out of homelessness. The findings of the research formed the basis of SHEN’s recommendations to the Workforce Plus and More Choices More Chances workstreams in 2006.

Download “Working it out” Report Document

Download “Working it out” Executive Summary

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